Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what? no. really? yes.

calendars don't lie, or do they?

it has been 6 months since i said "i can do this", and i'm still doing it. i can't believe how far i've come and the motivation i still have to keep going. i'm amazed at my progress, but i'm also completely aware of the areas (cough exercise cough) that i can improve on. don't get me wrong, i exercise... but i want to have a more regimented plan. it's a work in progress :)

weigh in: 190.0

what? yes. read it and weep... i mean don't cry, unless it's tears of joy for me then go forth and cry all you want. ;)

i heart all of you who read this. muah.


  1. You are SO incredible. I have been plateaued for the past 7 months, so I surely wish I've had your success.... but jealousy aside :-) I barely know you, but I am SO proud of you. I know how hard this is to do, and to KEEP doing.

    So keep it up, you're awesome:-)

  2. Fab post :) ... Congrats on your amazing and continued WL success!!!

  3. thanks girls! you are both amazing.

    chai, i know you've had some troubles... but your dedication and exercise drive inspire me. i love reading about your blog whether good day or bad day, you are always full of energy and drive.