Monday, April 20, 2009

420 and all is well

the meeting went well, it ended up being a "later in the evening meet at a bar for a drink" type of thing. i was nervous because i know he is a great, intelligent person, because she is. i didn't want to look stupid and/or boring. this makes me sound kind of sad, but i'm usually not like that at all. i'm very outspoken and confident. i think very highly of her and knew i wanted to like him. it was nice and we only bored him slightly with high school stories. i gave her the audio book version of john hodgman's "the area of my expertise" for her bday. they drove from new york, so they'll have the car trip home to listen to it.

i was laaaaazy this weekend. i was taking care of my mom's beagle who fears me. it bums me out (i usually have a very good rep with all animals). it was good though, i think she was much better by the end of the weekend. she was letting me pet her without stress yawning. she started following me around and was nudging me to pet her more. she is from a puppy mill, so she has fear of people in general. but besides the dog duties, and one night out... i was in my pjs loafing around all weekend. good rest, but i still felt quite unproductive.

saturday night (the one pj-less time period) i went to see the show altar boyz. soo funny. it is a musical about a religious boy band. it was one of those shows that you leave with your face hurting because you laughed/smiled so much. good stuff. boy band lovers would find it extra hilarious.


  1. Happy 420!

    lol about the stress yawning. My one dog is a mess like that with new people, don't take it personal :)

  2. That makes me want to watch it...I am still secretly in love with all things backstreet boys...but don't tell anyone :)

  3. Hope 420 was a great one for ya! :-D It's also Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, so we can only be SO happy about it. lol ;)

  4. thanks dina, i'll try not to. i just love animals and don't enjoy stressin' her out.

    brandi... you would die of laughter :)

    thanks anthony, but way to bring the rain cloud, lol. i share my birthday with stalin...