Monday, April 13, 2009

easter exploded everywhere

i survived easter unscathed by the peanut butter eggs that i used to looooove... i think i'll have to avoid the store until i know they are all gone though... because the only thing more luring than a peanut butter egg, is a peanut butter egg on clearance.

i did indulge in a couple not so wonderful food choices, but they were all conscious decisions... rather than impulsive, sugar induced madness. i claim the holiday another success on the food front. i did forget the y would be closed though, so an extra work out will be thrown in during this week.

i'm inching towards the 180s... even typing that feels wrong. it will probably take a while, so i have time to get used to the idea.


  1. Oh yes, the peanut butter eggs are definitely my downfall. I avoided them this year!! Glad you did too!

  2. OMG I almost totally bought like 4 of those packages at the grocery store on my lunch hour today...they were on sale big time. I'm so glad I didn't cause I would have already eaten half of them!

  3. darn you sale prices! i'm glad you both avoided the pb egg devil food :)

  4. Kudos to avoiding the candy! It's gotta feel good to say that! You are killing this weight loss thing! Good work!! :-)