Saturday, December 27, 2008

wtf that's crazy talk

weigh in: 223.4??

yesterday and today's weigh ins put me down over 4 pounds in 2 days... i don't believe it, but it sure does feel good. and i haven't had any whooshes yet, so keep your fingers crossed :)

i can't help myself, but weigh everyday. it drives me more crazy not to do it and wonder than to feel a little bad if it's not what i wanted or expected. i try very hard not to be discouraged since the fluctuations of the day can be deceiving, but i always do it right after i wake up. since i'm new to this lc stuff, i want to know what my body likes and dislikes as far as losing goes. can i eat sweetners, if so what kind? can i eat the carbquik i just ordered? and i think weighing daily keeps me on track in addition to keeping a journal of what i ate each day, water intake and exercise...

long story short, i had been losing very very small amounts daily or not at all for about a week and a 1/2. then the last two days had much bigger numbers... so i'm either super pumped (or i'm worried about my scales health, lol). i'm not going to change my weight loss ticker yet in fear that some dramatic bounce up will occur since it was pretty dramatic going down. for now yay me!

whether a loss or gain, i am inspired to stay on plan and keep the number that i saw flash on the scale today.

ps i saw marley and me with the fam on christmas day, if you are a dog lover and haven't read it... read it... and then see it. i'm a huge baby.


  1. You are doing VERY well, congrats!

    I weight everyday too ... people continuously tell me not to, but I can't help it. I guess I'm one of those overanxious people who want to force it to my will. Or perhaps one of those people who just want to know the moment I start going wrong. Or both. :)

    Your face photos really show your success! Keep it up and don't forget that once you get there, you have to carefully maintain it (that's on my mind lately since I've done this WoE before then stopped when I was a goal and thought I could eat like normal people. Nope, that's why I'm doing it again. :(

    Anyway, it's very nice to meet you and thank you for following. I wish you much luck! but it looks like you are making your own luck!

    Oh, and regarding Carbquik, I just came up with a new theory on that stuff. People say it sucks the moisure out of baking (and having used it, I know that it does) and many people say not to add salt because it tastes salty already. I am not sure if it contains a lot of salt, but if it does and if it makes you gain, I'll bet it is just water weight from the salt. I love the stuff, but I try not to eat it daily.

  2. thanks! good tip on the carbquik, i'll make sure to get extra water if i indulge. and thanks for following too!