Sunday, December 28, 2008

dun dun DAAAAH!

weigh in: 224.2

well, let's see... for the first time since starting lc on october 15 i ate something blatantly non-lc. last night i went out with a friend visiting from another state and i indulged. i consciously made the decision that i would and it was somewhat restricted, but i expect to see a weight jump related to it.

what i ate:
from kopp's frozen custard - 1/2 of a cheeseburger with ketchup and 4 large onion rings, diet coke
and at the concert after: 1 pint miller lite... american not british, so at least there's that :)

i guess i should be upset with my little break from plan, but i'm glad i thought about it before hand and decided that it was ok for that one meal. i am back on plan today, i had extra water last night before bed and i feel pretty good this morning. i've read lots of horror stories about going off plan and feeling like you have the flu, but none of that has happened (at least yet, trying not to jinx myself). i didn't really see the increase i expected today, but i know digestion takes longer than the approx 14 hours that i ate the carby stuff so i'm still bracing myself for a jump.

well there ya have it. my second day blogging about my lc journey and i botch it up a little. today will be clean and fresh.


  1. well for me i mean lower carb, not atkin's or south beach diet, but using ideas from both and other low carb recipe books. i wasn't too sure about it at first, but it seems to work for me. i love broccoli and all the other lower carb green veggies. that and being from wisconsin, i already love meat and cheese, lol. i think i'll start posting what i eat or recipes that i make on here as well.

    i dropped the ball having the cheeseburger bun and fried onion breading... and i have to confess that the burgers there are huge, so having a half is more like having a regular whole cheeseburger, still worth it.

    and of course i use my membership at the ymca to work out as well, when it's not snowstorming :)