Tuesday, November 10, 2009

having a goal

i think everyone loves the idea of a goal. after losing much of my weight in a relatively short time period, i was spoiled with results. yesterday, i watched a weight loss vlog and was reminded of the journey, but also how hard it actually was. lately i've been brushing it off and i think remembering the struggles helps remind me of the whys. i like to have a goal to keep my momentum. my goals are now mainly fitness related, and although i don't think it's harder than when weight loss was my main focus, it's a struggle of a whole new kind...

i think everyone loves a challenge, and i'm no different! to that end, i'm super excited to say i've found a 5k run/walk that fits my schedule! it's thanksgiving day morning, and all the participants will bring food donations and the money from registering will go to local food banks. i'm very excited, and kinda scurred, but it's a fantastic way to start off thanksgiving day. not only because it's an awesome way to help out the community, but it will also put emphasis on health... on a day, like most holidays, normally considered an all day food fest. i have to figure out what to wear, and i think i'll test out the course pre-thanksgiving to know what i'm getting into :) i'm sure there will be lots of families and a very relaxed atmosphere, so it should be a good time. yay!

i haven't been around much, but i wish you all well and i hope to get back into the swing of blogging soon. i seem to not have much to say... or when i do, i can't blog! lol.


  1. That run sounds amazing! So great for you, and those families you are helping out.

    I also have the plan to get a good workout in on Thanksgiving day.. I don't want to fall into the food trap.. and working out helps remind me of how hard I have to work, which in turn helps me stay away from the naughty foods!

    I do wish you'd do a vlog again! But I'll settle for some regular ol' blogs ;-)

  2. Good luck to you on your 5K mile run. It sounds like lots of fun!

  3. I know I only jumped in here towards the end of your journey, but you have done so freaking awesome. I know you'll do great at whatever you set your mind to. Just keep your confidence up.

    Goodluck with the 5k! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day, or at least the morning :)

    I feel you on the blogging thing. Just keep yourself sane :)