Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i'm feeling really great this week. and there are many reasons i shouldn't... the epic fail of spinning, the confused puppy waking up at all hours of the night, the fact that next weekend is a work weekend (so i'm on day 3 of working 12 days in a row) and the scale has been a little higher than i want it to... but i'm feeling good today and i'm figuring it must be november :)

spinning class was a fail, but didn't actually happen... the time slot i chose only had me sign up, so they said i could join a different one. but i'm either working or at puppy class during the other times. i'll have to wait til the spring session (where i'm sure more new years resolution people will join or the puppy class will be over) to suffer through it. i think i'll try and sneak in some time in the spinning studio beforehand to get an idea. it sounds like you either love it or hate it, and i might as well find out which side i'm on! i'm still running a few times a week, but i'm worried about winter. i get into that "bundle up in a blanket and watch a movie" mode when it gets cold out. btw i get cold so easily now! i guess my higher weight provided insulation or something because i think my body temperature is very different. interesting. it's also very frustrating to not have clothes that fit, it's awesome, but sad when your favorite things don't fit anymore :( i wore a packer's fleece sunday and it was like i was wearing a blanket. sorry for being that jerk who's like "i'm too small to wear this!" but it blows.

halloween was good times. i was sue from glee, basically a blonde wig and a tracksuit, lol. i decided to not drink at all and i had loads of fun. towards the end of the night, they busted out rock band and the new beatles game... i had never played it before and loooved it. all i did was sing, but it was so much fun! we killed it.


  1. I am so so so happy for you. I'm sorry that things are a little crazy, but the fact that you're taking it all in stride and being content with it all is awesome!!

    I'm also glad your halloween was so much fun!! Yay for good times with great people...and yay for clothes not fitting!

  2. I'm glad to year you've been feeling great. I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting. This posting everyday thing makes me want to run away from blogs and blogging :D

    I totally hear you on feeling colder now there's less insulation :D I'm thankful we're heading into summer over here :D

    And good on you for keeping up the running. I've been finding it really hard to stay motivated now C25K is over. Haven't even tried running 5k or 8k again yet :D Just doing 30 mins :D

    Your halloween sounded great! Rock Band ftw!