Thursday, December 17, 2009

snow snow snow snow SNOOOOOW!

i love white christmas, love. i can't believe it's december already and i've been terribly lacking in blogland. i feel like i have lots to report, but then not much at all... it's been an interesting month since i last posted.

first off, i ran the 5k! it was 38 degrees and raining the whole time. i failed to prepare my outfit, so the thermals and track pants i wore were continuously falling down, lol. it would have been one thing if i had been out running alone, but i knew many people were seeing the hilarity of my wardrobe fail (which made it that more hilarious). oh, you should have seen me running while hiking up my pants! the course was on the bike path along lake michigan, it included 2 slight hills and 1 pretty significant incline. my time was 34:11 and i was thrilled! that was my longest run outside ever, and really only my 4th or 5th time running outside in general. i've been keeping up with running, but haven't pushed distance yet. i'm not sure if i want to or not. a 1/2 marathon would be pretty awesome though... let's see... i'm pretty steady as far as my weight, but after a trip to new york and recently going out more, i think i need to make a few better choices.

and in some breaking news... the wednesday before thanksgiving i met someone, and he's pretty wonderful. we've been hanging out a lot, and i'm not sure what's happening really, but i like it. he's fond of giving compliments, i'm terrible at taking them, lol. he knows how much weight i've lost, telling him was a huge load of my back (lol, no pun intended), but i am still getting used to myself.

i hope everyone who reads this is happy and well!


    I've missed you :-)

    I want pictures! Of you, the pup, the boy! all of it! :-)

  2. DUDE first of all congrats on the 5k!!!! That is freaking awesome and I giggled while picturing you hikin up your pants soaked and freezing :)

    Second, there is a 1/2 marathon in Des Moines in May...just saying...

    Third I'm excited to hear more about this 'person of interest' :)

    YAY for updates!! I've missed them!!

  3. I'm so happy to hear things are going well! And congrats on the 5K! Good for you!

  4. Way to go on the 5k! Sound like you are deliriously happy. Wooooo on the romance department! I agree with Chai, we need some photos! Oh, and by the way, this is Sadekat, long story, but I'm doing a new blog thing....

  5. So good to hear from you again!

    Congrats on killing the 5k!!!! Such an awesome time you got as well!

    And awwww, yay for you!!! :)

    Hope you're having a great time!