Saturday, October 24, 2009

faux weekend

i'm at my part-time job! so far so good. it's really long hours every other weekend, so this weekend isn't real. although i can bring my computer to work and watch the packer game, so i'm not complaining.

last night i ran 5k in 33:40, best time yet and boy did i feel it! tallulah has somehow gotten into a schedule of having to go outside at 4am, and that's no good... so we're experimenting with feeding her at a different time. also at puppy class they said not feed the puppy dinner before class... and it's at 6pm! and lasts an hour! she is gonna be ravenous.

i signed up for an indoor cycling class at the y, it starts nov 2nd. i've never been on a spinning bike, so this should be hilarious, fun and/or painful. i will report my findings at a later date.


  1. ooh, that is great progress on the running! I look forward to hearing about your spinning class too.

  2. Okay, two things:

    1.) Packer fan???? I thought you were cool! Whatta let down! :-D I'm a Lions fan, so I had to rag on you.

    2.) GREAT 5K time! Good work, Laura!

  3. thanks oct! i will report back, pain and all!

    anthony, maybe you're just thinking about that 26-0 score last week... :) the packers fell apart after the 2nd quarter, we gots some cleaning up to do.

  4. Oh man...spinning and I go way way back...and we still don't really get along well :)

    I hope you enjoy it and it gives your glutes a great burn!!

  5. I love spinning, but if you can get a gel cover for the seat, I can recommend it!

    Looking forward to reading how you get on!

  6. I've always been curious about spinning, can't wait to hear about your spinning class.

    Congrats! on your weight loss success. By the way, I found your blog throgh another blog.