Tuesday, October 20, 2009


it seems like lately, i'm just wading. i work, it's not terrible, but it's not challenging. my life feels like it's at a stand still, and i need a jump start. then i remember the mountain of student loans in my name, and push those thoughts to the back on my mind.

why!? why would i just drift? i don't want to, i see it and i act as though i can't help it. i obviously need to take some action, and i'm not sure what that is yet... be it a new creative outlet or pursuing more social activities. i saw a posting for a racquetball class at the y... maybe something like that... both social and active would suit me. i really want to run an official 5k, but the fall dates all conflict with my new weekend job. in addition to me being scared, lol. i need to expand my horizons. i've been on the look out for book club, but it seems only middle aged ladies rock a book club. maybe i'll venture to start one of my own. suggestions are welcome!


  1. You need to come back to Boston in the Spring and do a 5k with me!!! :-)

  2. I like the above comment...except substitute Kansas City for Boston :)

    In any case I suggest maybe looking for running clubs since you seem to really enjoy that. They have all kinds of runners in those from beginners to elite. You would meet new people at the very least.

    I think raquetball ROCKS so that is great too. The dog park is a TON of fun for meeting new people since you have a 'little one' now.

    It's hard meeting new people but I have found that when you put forth the effort it is so so so worth it!

    Good luck on jump starting something new and exciting!!

  3. thanks ladies! i'm excited to try some new things. and 5ks all around! :)

  4. racquetball class sounds like loads of fun!

  5. what about volunteering at a kids club? Lots of activity going on, plus you get a ton of good karma points. :)