Saturday, June 11, 2011

June, it's bustin' out all over

ok folks, once a month is poor form, but hopefully i'll have a bit more free time for the next few months. i dropped the one summer class i had registered for, i realized i was pushing myself to take it unnecessarily. and i need a break! well, at least a break from 2 jobs/school, 2 jobs is fine for the summer.

this weekend is pridefest in milwaukee. i went last night with my friend (my exericise friend from a few posts ago), he has lost 45 pounds! and he was celebrating last night :) it was fun and freezing! i almost considered drinking more for warmth, but drinks were spensive and i'm far too cheap for that, lol.

i am really nervous about my bridesmaid dress fitting in 2 weeks, and i know it's completely irrational... regardless i am freaking out! i know i am the same size from when we ordered them, but the thought of not fitting is giving me heart palpitations. i like shopping and trying on clothes now. however, strangers watching and judging seems just a tad scary.

my guy is still good, he is busy with summer classes that make it quite difficult to see each other. it's frustrating, but he's worth it. now, if i could only get rid of this whole "being an emotional girl" thing, i'd be good! lol. man, guys... i'm a rational lady, but my goodness, my mind can act a fool sometimes aka being a girl is stupid.

weight wise i'm feeling good, hovering right around 150. it would be nice to be in the 140s solidly, and i think that will take consistent exercise... still working on it. BUT i did join a softball team! it's not the most strenuous sport, but it's a good time and i love team sports. i can't believe i haven't played one in so long!

i wish you all well!

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  1. Yay! A post update! I support takin a break from school. Sometimes a girls just gotta have some fun ;) I hope to hear more about this boy as u get back to updating us more often haha :)