Thursday, June 16, 2011

festival season

in milwaukee, wi, summer is festival season! there is a festival every weekend at our wonderful lakefront festival grounds. summerfest, the music festival, is always my favorite. it starts at the end of this month and is 10 days long. almost every weekend has some sort of festival, i love it! this weekend is polish fest and i don't think i can resist the 5o cent admission offer tomorrow. :) polish sausage? probably. polish dancing? definitely. vodka? certainly. i'm thinking of telling my guy to meet me there tomorrow after work.

which reminds me that i haven't seen my guy in a week, which is kinda normal for us due to our schedules, but it SUCKS SO MUCH. we mutually agree how terrible it is, i work early morning to mid afternoon, he has class from mid afternoon until 7pm four days a week with quizzes daily and exams weekly... and then i work every other weekend UGH. he's free tonight after class, but if i want a full nights sleep, i have to go to sleep by 9 and he gets home at 7:30 and lives 20 minutes away. blurg. until tomorrow, i can handle it, i'm an adult. a terribly impatient adult! it's nice that he is studious and dedicated to his schooling, but sometimes i wish he wasn't, lol.

softball was awesome this week! i love it and i'm glad my neighbors randomly asked me to play on their team. i've only gone jogging twice since my last post, but that's more than nothin! i am going jogging tomorrow morning, pinky swear to blog land. (brandi!) ask me how it went tomorrow! :)

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  1. was it!?!?! ;)

    I hope you and your man get some time. School and work = BUSY. I remember. When Ray and I first started dating we got 1 day a week...if we were lucky!

    I'm glad you have things like softball and work to keep ya distracted. It's fun hearing about you loving on life :)