Friday, January 22, 2010

darn my weak ankles

well folks, i tweaked my ankle about a week ago while running. i noticed it, but kept running because i was on a roll. it's not bad enough to warrant a doctor, but it definitely refuses to keep up with my running schedule as planned. last night was the first night i really attempted running, at a slower speed than my current normal, and lasted about a half mile before switching over to weights. i'm frustrated, but also don't want to cause further injury and make the healing take longer. boooo you weak ankle!

this hiccup is irritating, but hopefully positive as i am forced to mix up my work out schedule (and that's a good thing!). i've been reading a lot regarding weight training and it's benefits... i tend to randomly use the weight machines and don't really use them as i should (correct weights/reps to actually make progress). today i will be configuring my new weight training program, i hope to commit to a full body weights work out 4 times a week. (or maybe upper/lower body, not sure yet!) while also slowly testing my ankle with some aerobic and cardio. if i can heal and get ready, i'd love to do a 10k in may!


  1. I had iffy ankles from playing so much basketball (and spraining them all the time). Doc gave me exercise to strengthen them that helped me considerably. Simply fold up a towel or two, put it down on the floor and step on the end with both feet. Then just rise up on your tippy-toes. It's fast, easy and very effective.

  2. Sorry to hear about your ankle! I don't know if you have access to a pool, but that's a good choice if you want to give it a little time to rest and heal.
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  3. Weight training is a really wonderful way to strengthen your muscles which in turn can help reduce injury. Hope the ankle feels better soon.